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How does Content Writing relates to VA

Hey, VA! Let's talk about content writing, shall we?

Wait, we know you might be overwhelmed with all the lists of tasks a VA can do, but trust us, this is important for your career. If you read this article by one of the TMVA staff, it is stated that one of the tasks of VAs is content writing.

So, what exactly is content writing? And what do content writers… do? 

The authors of content writing are the “storytellers” of businesses in digital format, and it entails creating and disseminating pieces with a specific target audience in mind. It is how they draw in a target audience, interact with them, and capture some of their interest so that they will learn more about what they can provide as a business. In addition, it should also be a platform for the writer and readers to connect on a personal level. That is because content writers promote their clients to their… potential clients.

To give you some tips, here: narrating the writer’s perspective on the tale they are creating in order to engage readers on a deeper level is crucial since it enhances both the story’s and the writer’s credibility by demonstrating their familiarity with the subject matter.

Additionally, it is advised that they consult connections who are familiar with their target narrative if personal notes are unavailable. So, if you are going to promote a skincare product, it is best if you include your results from using it.

Remember: Connection!

This might be a little confusing to you with creative writing or kind of a new field for you, but we’re sure you’ll get the hang of it. The whole TMVA team trusts in you! So practice, read, and write. You’ll get there. 

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