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Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

Virtual Assistance… Clients… Companies… Foreigners…

These may seem a little intimidating, don’t they?

Perhaps, you are scared and nervous about the path you are to venture in, aren’t you? Worry not! Hear from one of our VA friends about their testimonials and read the statistical report we did for you to make sure you won’t be alone in this journey.

One out of every eight million virtual assistants from Upwork, a website that “connects enterprises with independent experts and agencies around the globe,” are Filipinos, according to a statistical study by Virtudesk (2021) on virtual assistants in the Philippines. Additionally, they claimed that working with Filipino virtual assistants is “easy” for foreign clients and even referred to them as the “most affordable” assistants in the world. The Philippines is the “number one destination” for finding a virtual assistant since Filipinos have the greatest percentage of literacy (96.2%).

Daniella Reyes, a fourth-year journalism student who has been a virtual assistant to a real estate agent for more than six months, shared some of her duties, including handling emails, setting up schedules and calendars, signing contracts for agents, buyers, and sellers, creating social media campaigns, and conducting market analyses of various properties. Additionally, she noted that she makes enough from this employment to avoid having to spend an entire day in the office, making it profitable and advantageous for her as a student.

See? You’re not alone in this journey! We are here for you if you need any help. Just visit our official Facebook page Tres Marias Virtual Assistant, and continue browsing this site to learn more about Virtual Assistance in the Philippines.

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