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How can a website portfolio help you as a professional?

It's not about perfect. It's about effort. You can fail as many times as you can, but you never back down and you try to be best with what you can do. And that's where transformation happens. That's how change occurs.
Krisha Anne Ablaza

Having your own website portfolio is a must if you want to impress your client. With a website portfolio, you will get the chance to showcase your skills and abilities as a person, and more importantly, as a professional. Say, you want to be a front-end designer and you are looking for a position with the same title in a company. If you are an experienced web designer, then you must have designed a website or more for the past years. Before I became an intern, I looked for many jobs that involve web-design, and all of the interviewers asked the same question. “Do you have a website portfolio?”, and I answered with a no, followed by a question, “What is a website portfolio?” That is when I knew I was at risk at being rejected to work there. So how did I avoid this? None other than creating a website portfolio. Every one of us are creative in our own way, so why not prove my uniqueness in a website? I can even align my personality and preferences with it, so they would see what kind of person I really am. 

Hello There!

Good day to you! My name is Krisha Anne Ablaza, a 21-year-old UI/UX Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Blogger, and a Game Developer. I’ve been designing websites for 4 years now, and I write fiction stories on my spare time.

Virtual Assistant

With a website portfolio, it is like something that describes me. Now is the right time to ask myself, “who am I?” I think for a minute, and listed down my traits, likes, dislikes, anything that DESCRIBES me. Describing myself would be: I am a blunt person who’s not afraid to speak up for herself. If someone’s being rude at me, I tell them. If I like someone, I tell them. I love to clean and be organized, and I also love light colors, preferably blue. I am also a hard-worker and I want everything to be good. I always try to be the better version of myself, of my works, of everything! You may see my website portfolio at the Home page of this website on the very bottom. Other than my traits, I can also list down your hobbies, achievements, and experiences. I can be technical as I want, and clients prefer it that way.


This is what I use to create my own website portfolio with a plugin called Elementor!

With the help of this community, they taught me through online course on how to build a website portfolio. Their courses are so fun to do, and easy to understand as well. I didn’t get bored or fell asleep while reading, because they even provide video tutorials to help me visualize! Not only that, but they also let me have your my space which lets me build and create my own website portfolio with the use of WordPress and Elementor (which is a plugin inside WordPress). It’s not difficult to do since WordPress has a drag-and-drop feature, and I won’t need to be good at coding at all! I can also have my very own domain name!  I can insert as many elements as I want, and I get to decide what suits me best. My website can either be minimal, flowery, classic, modern, futuristic, anything I want as long as I DESCRIBE myself and what I do. If you are aspiring to create your own website portfolio, I highly recommend this course! 

Now that I have enrolled, completed the course, designed, and finished my website portfolio, the interviewer asks, “Do you have a website portfolio?”, and what do I answer?


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