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Articles related to VAs (Virtual Assistant)

"Services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant"

A virtual assistant offers administrative assistance. As a result, VA provides entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, and huge companies with a flexible, efficient workforce that can accomplish crucial tasks without requiring the attention of the person being assisted. A virtual assistant could be a nearby resource and anywhere worldwide…

"Virtual Assistants in the Philippines"

One out of every eight million virtual assistants from Upwork, a website that “connects enterprises with independent experts and agencies around the globe,” are Filipinos, according to a statistical study by Virtudesk (2021) on virtual assistants in the Philippines…

"How does Content Writing relates to VAs"

Wait, we know you might be overwhelmed with all the lists of tasks a VA can do, but trust us, this is important for your career. If you read this article by one of the TMVA staff, it is stated there that one of the tasks of VAs is content writing…

"SpeakUp: Looking good while slaying your speech"

Have you ever been required to compose a speech and deliver it to a large group of people? Or have you recently come into the public eye and feel as though everyone is watching you, recording your every move and word? Fear not, as we can give you a few tips to keep your speech lit!

"How can a website portfolio help you as a professional?"

Having your own website portfolio is a must if you want to impress your client. With a website portfolio, you will get the chance to showcase your skills and abilities as a person, and more importantly, as a professional. 

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