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Join our vibrant community of Virtual Assistants (VAs) and unlock your limitless potential! Experience the power of collaboration, inspiration, and innovation firsthand as we empower you to excel in the world of virtual assistance. Together, we can achieve remarkable personal and professional growth. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to elevate your VA career. Join us today and embark on a transformative journey filled with endless possibilities!

"We work alongside on each and every project as a genuinely collaborating and supportive team to make sure that our clients receive the ideal results possible."

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Tres Marias Virtual Assistant

Is your ultimate destination for becoming a skilled virtual assistant. Our comprehensive training programs and resources empower users to master the art of virtual assistance. Learn the ins and outs of being a virtual assistant, acquire essential skills, and gain valuable knowledge through our specialized training courses. Elevate your expertise with Tres Marias Virtual Assistant and embark on a successful journey in the virtual assistance industry.”


Empowering Virtual Assistants to excel and thrive in the digital realm. Our mission is to unlock their full potential through exceptional online courses, igniting innovation and creativity.

Professionalism. We are professionals who represent our community that strives for being competent and adept at best.

Commitment. Our team is committed in achieving our goals in this community.

Integrity. Transparency and excellence are the cornerstones of our community, guiding us with a steadfast moral compass.

Core Values

The Power of Three

The origin of The Power of Three, or also known as P3, can be traced back to the collaboration of three interns with different sets of skills and expertise. Together, the graphic designer, marketing intern, and IT programmer were grouped together to perform certain tasks. Remarkably, when working collectively, the results they achieved surpassed expectations. Despite their unique qualities, they synergistically combined their strengths to produce exceptional outcomes.

To Inspire. To Collaborate. To Learn.

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Parañaque City, Manila, Philippines